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Whodunnit? Reaction + Handicap - Final Episode

Welp, I got it half wrong.  Final recap after the jump.

You'll find the spoilers in the second half of this post, but I'll lay it out in part here: my prediction for MOST likely winner won the game, and my prediction for LEAST likely killer was the killer.  The final confrontation wasn't anything terribly special, but the final kill was a neat little set-piece and I appreciated how the final episode cut right to the chase - hey, this is going to be a riddle-solving scavenger hunt, and the person who finds the first clue (ended up being Kam) gets a one-riddle advantage. 

That advantage for Kam may have been decisive, as he didn't finish in last (which is all that matters).  The three remaining guests had to solve nine puzzles, with each one "hosted" by one of the killed-off guests, in full gruesome death makeup and taking place in an area connected to his or her death.  Ronnie had the guests searching for castor beans in an empty hot tub and Sheri had guests hitting targets with a slingshot, for example.  Cris, Kam, and Lindsey each got 7 or 8 out of 9 clues right on the first try, but it essentially came down to the wire, with only a few minutes separating the winner, the killer, and the 11th victim. 

EPISODE 8 - Golden Cuffs
Sheri (0)
Dontae (0)
Adrianna (0)
Don (0)
Ulysses (0+1)
Dana (0+1)
Sasha (0+1)
Geno (1+0)
Ronnie (2+0)
Melina (0+0)
Lindsey (0+2)

I had Lindsey pegged a the least-likely winner, and I guess I got that bit right.  She was slower than the other two contestants for that final confrontation, and I think it was equal parts clue hunting ability and movement speed.  Lindsey was simply not as athletic as Kam or Cris (not that it mattered for one of those two), and as a result never made it; that and she has never been that good at solving all these puzzles.  But I think I finally solved the mystery of why Lindsey won multiple rounds - she had been guessing the killer correctly from episode one. I imagine that scored her a few additional points in the case presentations and may have contributed to her survival in a meaningful way. 

Status: Dead
(Clues Found + Rounds Won)


Should I feel bad that Cris was probably my favorite contestant going into the final four, and she turned out to be the killer?  Nah.  Cris was a pretty good actress who didn't let on many clues that she was the true killer ("I've shot guns many times," etc.) and whose biggest tell was that she was never Scared.  It wasn't really scary when she spoke in rhyme to reveal her murderous nature to Kam in the final minutes of the show, but she seemed to have a mischievous joy about taking part that was a bit creepy/amusing.  Good on her for fooling me along with all of the contestants other than Lindsey and Melina (who guessed Chris six times out of eight tests). 

Clues Found: 2
Rounds Won: 1
Times Scared: 0
Status: The Killer


Well, Kam had a strategy from almost day one and it worked like a charm - seek out a few other like-minded guests and then form a rock-solid team.  Ulysses was Kam's sidekick while Lindsey and Cris were the smart women who didn't seem all that threatening (hey, it worked for Cris!).  Pretty much every single round of the entire game was a strong play by team Lawyers-Blondes except for solving Don's murder, which resulted in Kam's only Scared card and losing Ulysses.  Anyhow, Kam was consistently good at investigation, deduction, AND locating clues, and those skills plus his team-building led straight to victory.  Nothing else to it. 

Clues Found: 3
Rounds Won: 2
Times Scared: 1
Status: The Winner


So we're done with the first (and I'm predicting the only) season of Whodunnit?. It was ridiculous, but it had a self-awareness that I wish other reality shows had.  The murder stagings, the horrible puns, the goofy scavenger hunts, and the sometimes-obvious-but-sometimes-difficult puzzles made it a pretty fun experience.  The murderer was among the contestants; the eliminations used a method almost identical to that of The Mole; and the guests seemed genuinely frightened by the experience.  All of those are good points.  It's been fun, Whodunnit?, but I have a feeling there won't be a second season of you.  And that's a shame. 

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