Monday, August 12, 2013

Whodunnit? Reaction + Handicap - Episode 8

OK, so we don't *officially* know who died in this episode, but it's strongly hinted that it was a certain brunette with either scars or burn marks on her face.  Right.  Penultimate episode reaction up ahead for The Mole in Small Town X er, Whodunnit?. 

Melina had a gutsy ploy in the first half of the episode that almost worked - she managed to get unique information by investigating the morgue (burn marks, frozen skin, Ronnie's high temperature, and foam in the mouth) but it probably wasn't enough.  Lindsey dropped the ball in a major way, failing to make a poisoning connection despite having a book with a page on ricin sitting right there.  She also missed the hidden camera, but that's more excusable.  Cris did a fair job assessing the pool area, and Kam's video footage clue (which he earned by breaking a box free of a giant ice cube, OF COURSE) was helpful in giving his team a timeline to work with.

Melina did pretty well for having such little information.  She realized that Ronnie was writing a letter, was poisoned via his tea, and then was frozen after being poisoned.  But she didn't know the means for any of it.  So when she lost the clue hunt to Kam's word search skills, it was game over, man.  Melina is officially "missing" and not murdered for the finale, but she's most likely dead.  If she survived, then she's the murderer and the Whodunnit? producers are trolling us hard. 

EPISODE 8 - Frost Nixin'
Sheri (0)
Dontae (0)
Adrianna (0)
Don (0)
Ulysses (0+1)
Dana (0+1)
Sasha (0+1)
Geno (1+0)
Ronnie (2+0)
Melina (0+0)

Poor Melina had less of a shot than usual, but without knowing where ricin comes from or that liquid nitrogen reacts with water in a frozen explosion, she was sunk.  And it's too bad, because before the clue finding round Melina was doing way better than I expected.  I think she's dead (the next-episode promo *seemed* to have a bloody Melina hanging from or strapped to something) and Kam-Blondes are the final three. 

Status: Dead
Melina's Chance of Killer: Not Zero
(Clues Found + Rounds Won)


Cris is still a smart cookie that seems like a genuine asset, or at least more so than Lindsey.  I believe in her clue-finding ability and investigation ability, but Kam is the strongest deductive player so I have to pick him as the most likely winner if he isn't the killer.  I still like Cris, though, and if I'm rooting for anyone to win, it's her.  I think she's the least-likely killer, but that lack of Scared cards is interesting. 

Clues Found: 2
Rounds Won: 1
Times Scared: 0
Chance of Killer: Low
Chance of Winner: Medium


Kam is probably the strongest remaining player in just about every facet of the game.  Still, it'll probably come down to a massive clue hunt involving every murder weapon from every prior murder, and Cris is also pretty good at finding the clues.  Still, I think that Kam has to be the favorite going into the finale, because he's won the most rounds and found the most clues.  Has to be an indicator, right? 

Clues Found: 3
Rounds Won: 2
Times Scared: 1 
Chance of Killer: Medium
Chance of Winner: High


Lindsey has been trying to play multiple sides in this competition, and then has weird bits like her creepy laughter, her surprising round wins, and her lines on that "mix tape" making her seem to be the killer.  She's either a pretty good actress or the best killer candidate, and I'm leaning on the side of both.  Any way, I'm about 100% sure that she won't win.  Either She's the killer and one of her teammates wins (obviously), or Kam is the killer and Cris is the winner. 

Clues Found: 0
Rounds Won: 2
Times Scared: 1
Chance of Killer: High
Chance of Winner: Low


Next week is the Whodunnit? finale, and it should be interesting.  It has the surprise addition of zombie guests, but otherwise it looks like it could be an adaptation of the first Whodunnit? murder mystery novel, which means that either they need to solve Melina's murder to find Giles, or solve the murder(s) of the two maidservants to find Giles.  Either way, we'll finally have a killer and a winner for my favorite reality show guilty pleasure since 70s House.  

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