Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wii Games I'm Getting

I own a Wii and two games for it. Enjoying it quite a bit so far, if mostly for Super Mario Galaxy (which is great); I'd like a few more titles on my shelf, but not too many. And whenever I'm trying to categorize or break something down, I make a list. You see where this is going.

I don't want massive library of Wii games - the quantity of good games pales in comparison to other consoles, and I'm a PS1/2/3 gamer for the most part. Still, there are a number of Wii games I'm interested in, at least enough to make a list. My rules and caveats (for myself) are elucidated in two honorable mentions.

Honorable Mention: Virtual Console

I'll pick up a few VC games that don't count to my overall total. It's inevitable - I'll see an old SNES favorite or a never-played N64 game and blow six to eight bucks on it. I don't mind, especially if it's SMRPG, ActRaiser, Secret of Mana, Paper Mario, or one of the others that I've thought of before. Shit, I hope I can control myself.

Honorable Mention: Ports and Remakes

I'm a little interested in a few Wii ports of other games, but I'll pass. Klonoa and Okami are particularly enticing, but do I really need them if I own the original versions? I'm gonna say no.

The Only Wii Games I'm Getting

(in alphabetical order, with box art from a variety of regions)

 Donkey Kong Country Returns

The three Donkey Kong Country games for the SNES are classics (or at least the first two are....), and I've heard nothing but good things about this Wii successor. The talented men and women of Retro Studios know their shit, and DKCR looks stunning. I'll probably get frustrated at DKCR's difficulty, but I'm okay with that. I prefer a tough platformer to a cakewalk.

 Dragon Quest X:
Rise of the Five Tribes

No boxart yet, so here are a pair of DQX characters. I love Dragon Quest. In recent days, I've played more DQ than Final Fantasy, which would've been inconceivable to me ten years ago. It's a series whose sensibilities resonate with me, and even though I'm leery of the MMO nature of Dragon Quest X, I will definitely want to experience it. I only hope it comes out in English sometime in the next three years.

 The Last Story

I haven't played a Mistwalker game yet, but have heard okay things about Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey. The Last Story, however, seems like the big ticket. A game that successfully blends several types of action gameplay for a really cool RPG experience. From what I've seen in reviews and trailers so far, The Last Story sounds like something I'd hate to miss.

 The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

I've heard so many good and bad things about Skyward Sword that I don't know what to think. I'm more intrigued than ever about modern Zelda, and if Skyward Sword is supposed to be at least pretty good, then I'll probably want to play it. At the very least, the art style of Skyward Sword is about as good as I could hope for. I won't get this game anytime soon, as I have other Zelda games I want to finish first, but it's on my list.

 Mario Kart Wii

I think that this is the only Wii multiplayer experience I'll be interested in. Sure, Mario Kart is unbalanced, a few of its gameplay traditions are borderline broken, and it's not a game for serious racing fans. But it's also consistently fun, and to this day I'll fire up the single-player in MKDS on occasion to get my drive on. I like what I've played of Mario Kart Wii, and would like to own it one day down the line.

 Super Mario Galaxy

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the next few games on this list will be Super Mario platformers. I really, really like Super Mario Galaxy. SMG isn't very difficult, but it looks fabulous, has fantastic atmosphere and music, and when you ask the important question of "does the game make normal running and jumping fun?" the answer is a resounding yes. I'm definitely going to finish this one later in the year, but probably not all the way to 120.

 Super Mario Galaxy 2

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is an interesting beast. It received astoundingly high reviews, and was completed by Nintendo so quickly that they extended their fine-tuning and bug-fixing phases by almost a year just so it wouldn't come out so soon after SMG the first. The consensus is that SMG2 has more content, more imagination, and higher difficulty. I'd play that.

 Super Paper Mario

So far this game has okay platforming and exploration, but the visuals are fabulous and the dialog is snappy. So far, I overwhelmingly prefer the charming Paper Mario RPGs, but Super Paper Mario is definitely not bad. Anyhow, it's one of the games I already own, and I'm far from giving up on it, even if it's not the Paper Mario game I want. It turns out Mario on the Wii is consistently pretty good.

 Xenoblade Chronicles

I'm a little more excited for The Last Story than I am for Xenoblade Chronicles, but this game looks great and I'm happy to support Project Rainfall. The combat looks great, and the sorta-cel-shaded look works. And hey, if I beat this game after I pick it up it would be the first Xeno- game I've ever finished.

 You Tell Me

See what I did there? I dunno what else I want. I know for sure I DON'T want Monster Hunter Tri (I'll wait for a Vita or 3DS title), No More Heroes (tiresome gameplay), Kirby's Epic Yarn (too easy-looking and forced-whimsical), or Super Smash Bros. Brawl (never liked Smash much), but what else? If there's a game missing from this list go ahead and recommend it. I'm all ears.


Well that's that. I don't want to own more than 10-12 physical media on the Wii, so if there's some must-have that I'm missing then go ahead and tell me. I was inspired to make this list for two reasons - the recent announcement of The Last Story coming to American shores (looks FANTASTIC) and my playing a bit of Super Mario Galaxy at a hotel this past weekend. Good times. Anyhow, I have other games to play, so I'll see you around, internet.


  1. I'd definitely recommend Warioware: Smooth Moves, especially if you can get it relatively cheap. It's my favorite of the Warioware games, probably the best Wii party game, and it makes extremely clever and varied use of the controller. You'd like it.

    It's also probably worth checking out New Super Mario Bros. Wii. While not as strong as the DS version, the chaotic multiplayer can lead to some good times.

    Other than that, you've basically listed the Wii's entire worthwhile library.

    1. Oh damn, I totally forgot about both of those games. I've actually played NSMB's multiplayer, and it was fun but frustrating in that I was playing as part of a group of four with one griefer, which soon turned into a group of four griefers. This is a game that I'd race through exactly once in single-player, then play with friends afterwards whenever I feel like not getting invited to their next shindig. I haven't played a WarioWare game since... one of the GBA titles, I forget which.

      If Smooth Moves is as good as you say it is, then I'll definitely consider it. I could see myself enjoying it, but I'll probably find a way to try the game for a bit before I throw money at GameStop.

  2. Like he said. Everything on your list is basically the wii's best.

    Some more may include (never mind the ones I would have included are on your no go list :D)

    On a side note. I am really looking forward to playing The Last Story/Xenoblade Chronicles. Shame they are a couple months away.

    1. Yes, I'm quite set against those four I mentined in the last entry. I've played each of them more than "a taste" and less than "at length" but I wasn't gripped by any of them. And fuck yes I'm pumped for Xenoblade and Last Story. Both of those seem to be quality RPGs with style and substance, and both teams have solid pedigrees to boot. I may end up buying like eight RPGs this year, it's embarrassing.