Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I'm on RPGFan!

Extreme quickie here.  Not even going to create a page break.  I'm overjoyed to announce that I have been hired as a contributing music editor at at a salary of zero dollars per hour.  I'll be writing reviews of game music albums and assisting with building the RPGFan Music section.  Gonna be a good time!  Here's my RPGFan profile page and here's my first album review on the site.

I'll still update this blog with game reviews (GOT 'IM), game articles, comics articles, lists of things, and my general thoughts, but I'll be spending some of my free time in which I'd normally write this blog on RPGFan projects.  I won't post here every time I do something for RPGFan, but I will do so on Twitter.  The goal is one review per month, plus background stuff like helping with data entry for their database. 

So that's that.  I'm still playing XenoBlade, plus I started up playthroughs of the new Dragon Age and an old Dragon Quest.  Currently writing a Bravely Default review, which will hopefully be followed by the other two or three reviews I have in the pipeline before Thanksgiving.  Yeesh.  I need to do some more writing this week.  Happy gaming, everyone! 

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