Thursday, January 19, 2012

DC Comics Replacing Six of the New 52

So, six books in the New 52 were officially canceled last week: Men of War, Blackhawks, Hawk and Dove, O.M.A.C., Mister Terriffic, and Static Shock. All six will be over after their 8th issue. These are among the least-popular of the relaunch, and I only bought issues in two of those series and decided not to follow through with them in October.

Those characters will still live on in the DC universe (for example, O.M.A.C. battles Frankenstein in one comic out last week), but their series are dead. DC still wants to have 52 major monthly series, though, so they're bringing in six replacements for the six absences - the switch-off will take place in May.

So, of course I'm interested in how these new comic books turn out. I give each of them a brief overview (parts of which are ganked from DC's press release, natch) and a rating using a made-up-just-now system. Here's the ratings, then the comics:

BET - I will definitely pick up the first issue, maybe more.
CHECK - I'll wait for reviews before I pull the trigger.
FOLD - Not going to buy the #1. Probably never will.

Batman Incorporated

This comic is a continuation of Grant Morrison's big Batman project from 2010 and 2011. The series had an 80-page interim issue a few weeks ago that was well-received, and will continue officially in a monthly series that is probably the biggest ticket in these new books. I'm... hesitant. 100% of my Batman, Inc. exposure has been from New 52 comics, and I don't want to jump in without at least reading that 80-page special first. But it's on my radar. CHECK

Earth 2

Earth 2 is an unapologetic call-back to the old DC universe, starring members of the Justice Society of America. I almost put down the entire JSA on my "top ten characters missing from the New 52" list a few months back, but backed down and settled on only Dr. Fate. I will totally get the #1 of this comic if only to see so many old characters in new action, and might continue it if it's good. BET

World's Finest

This is interesting, to say the least. Huntress (female vigilante similar to Batman in some ways) and Power Girl (older version of Supergirl) accidentally travel to DCnU Earth from alternate dimensions and this series is about them trying to get home. I have no idea if this will stay as short arcs about various superheroes traveling between dimensions or just introduce these two into the larger universe of the New 52, but my eyebrows are raised. It helps that I don't hate either character. CHECK

Dial H

Acclaimed novelist China Mieville takes a crack at writing a comic book, this time about an average Joe dealing with the complications from obtaining superpowers and dabbling in heroism, using a rotary phone (sup 1970). This sort of concept has been done before by a ton of different people, but if there are cool ideas in place and the level of execution on the artwork is high (definitely could happen on both counts) then this will be a series worth checking out. If this ends up being pretty good then I just might check out Mieville's other works. CHECK

G.I. Combat

I'm just not interested in real-world army comics. I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in that opinion, and people like me not buying them is why Men of War and Blackhawks were canceled. Look, sorry, DC, this book would be cool and interesting if I was into warfare comics but I'm not. FOLD

The Ravagers

Hmm.... To be honest, the Young Justice line of comics since the relaunch (Teen Titans, Static Shock, Legion of Superheroes) has seemed awfully weak to me. Didn't like Teen Titans or Static Shock, was unimpressed with Superboy, just wasn't into this corner of the DCnU. Ravagers is about four teenagers with superpowers on the run from the evil shadow organization that wanted to use them as weapons. I expect that Ravager (or some form of Rose Wilson) will be one of the four and Superboy is a candidate, but I have no idea about the others. I almost decided I didn't want this at all, but Howard Mackie has a good Marvel track record. This could be the one Young Justice comic I don't hate. CHECK


That's all, folks! You can get back to your internet while I get back to some Mass Effect 2. I'll have my Sequential Art post up late tonight, because I want to finish reading one volume before I post. Rake a reasy!

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